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The Venetian Carnival Mask par excellence: The BAUTA

The Venetian  Carnival Masks


The Bauta is the "noble" or "national" mask of the Serene Republica: the Venetian Costume par excellence.

Nobody can actually say what its origins were as a costume, but the use of the threecornered hat would make us think that they can not be all that remote. Opinions vary on the origin of the name of the mask. It's possible that the name Bauta come from the German Behuten meaning "protect, preserve or defend"

This mask-costume protects the privacy and identity of the wearer and was a great levellers of every difference: Men, women, the highest in the land and the lowest of the law, the most depraved and the foreign royalty, all, at least once in a while, could put themselves on the same level.

The mask's beak-like chin is designed to enable the wearer to talk, eat, and drink without having to remove it, thereby preserving the wearer's anonymity. The bauta was often accompanied by a red or black cape and a tricorn.

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